Global to local

For more than 10 years, United Nations representatives and worldwide mayors have been stating that „the battle for sustainable development will be won or lost in cities.“

Within the next decades, we have the chance and the responsibility to co-create our urban futures globally. „Our“, because the city is a collective task, collaboration and participation are key, taking into account also the urban metabolism and urban-rural nexus. „Urban“, because urbanisation is one of the important forces shaping humanity, yet the challenges and opportunities arising from urbanisation are extremely different in the so called global north and global south.  And „futures“ because we first need to dream about alternative pathways, for just, resilient, regenerative and safe cities, we need new place-based visions and the courage to get underway to reach them. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster, support and enable transformation, participation and resilience at the local level. 

In our work, we focus on people and spaces, processes and projects as well as communication and knowledge.  As an independent consultancy we work with a broad network of like-minded partners. We care deeply about environmental and social issues, from our daily core business to our activist and voluntary work. 

Environmentalist & urbanist by passion, consultant, facilitator & researcher by profession and engineer by formation, Luciana is a dreamer, world citizen and life-long learner. Working with development / international cooperation for the past 15 years, she is currently involved in enabling urban stakeholders to implement global agendas locally. Experienced project manager, trainer & networker, Luci has been engaging mainly with government and research organisations, but also with NGOs and associations in Germany as well as in the global south, with experiences in India, China, Ghana and Brazil, among others.